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Run for the Roses 2019 (click on any thumbnail image to see full size image)

Staging of the Carts! Welcome to MM!

Preparing for the day!

Registration Table - WELCOME!

Official Greeter - Thanks Lola!

Beautiful Cart Decorations-Thanks Madeline!

Our MM Staff of Pros!

We love the Bow Tie Jake!

Hello Ladies! Welcome!

Smile Ladies!

Enjoying that cup of java!

Another Kodak moment!

Early morning Shopping for Opportunities!

Born to Shop! What a selection!

Didn't realize Betty Boop was a Golfer!

Brenda&Michelle TeamMates

Hey MaryAnn!

Ready for a Fun day!

Team 1A



What a Hat Maria!

Love your Hat Dolly!

MJ & Jami

Looking Good Karen!

Lola & Nancy

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Peg & Kathy!

Derby Hat Draw

Congrats Shelly!

Best Team Hats! Awesome Ladies!

Smile you're on candid camera!


Marylyn those apple pies were awesome!

Dessert - Always a Winner!