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Get-A-Way October 2015
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Team Captain and Friends ready to get a way

The Gang meeting up at Fantasy Springs

The Gang at Arnie's Hanging Out--Cheers

Getting Ready for Day 1 with Big Bertha

Karen waiting for her ice even though weather was perfect

Denise and Lisa just happy to be there

Lola giving a thumbs up with partner Megan ready to rumble

Dolly and Sue hey what happened to your matching shirts?

hey beep beep love these little guys

Some interesting sights on the course

heading out of BedRock

The Team Happy Together

A group photo with women is like herding cats

Time for a Team Meeting but what happened to Sue

We found Sue

Dawn loving those cookies Frances made

Party moved to the 11th floor watch out girls

Hey Ladies looks like we are having some fun now

Debby ready to strike a pose for sure

MJ and Elaine looking too cute

Peggy and Debby say CHEESE girls

Mickie and Sandi no you can't hide girlfriend

Intense discussion between Dawn and Fran REALLY

The spider fascinator girls Sandi and Karen

Captain Sue talking to Lynn