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"Teeing Off For Teal"
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Team Gamble-Arthur-Glemser-Stewart

Team StPierre-Pedigo-Richmond-Moore

Team Lushanko-Jackson-Greenlee-Witek

Team Pipher-McElhenney-Haynie-Downs

Team Harty-Brazil-Dilullo-Goyal

Team Fleck-Miyamoto-Flannery-Stelle

Team Brown-Becker-Fine-Pack

Team Munyon-Buscemi-Hansen-Reaume

Team Erard-McNeese-Harlow-Wright

Team Phillips-O'Hara-McConnell-Bruhn

Team Palmquist-Boldt-Tryby-Blackburn

Team Neukirchen-Shea-Mitzner-Zander

Real Men Wear Teal Bracelets

Hole 7 Team Teal Appeal

Nate-Nancy Big Hugs

Marilyn pinning a teal ribbon on Nate

Dawn having too much fun pinning on her teal ribbon

Loving that Birdie Juice

Nate viewing video of his drive like a pro

Everett said he's not heavy he's my brother

Our two Drive Like a Pro - Nate and Sean

Loving that Teal Drink Special

Best Teal Appeal Team with Mary Ellen

Second Best Teal Appeal Team with Mary Ellen Guest Speaker