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Santa Margarita Team Pics 2015
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Just like opening day at the races! Go get 'em team

This was the first attempt at a team pic!

Our new team towels! Too cute!

Leading the way Terri & Fran

Welcome to new team player Diane & her pro partner Dolly

Capt Sue and Aileen

The two Js team up!

Nancy & Denise Blondes do have more fun!

Sandi & Karen smiling for the camera!

Who is this? A new team mascot maybe?

Week 2 Ready to Go!

Switch Out-Can you Guess Who?

A few more!

Janelle thought someone said

No it's time to Tee It Up

Finally the Fab 12 for Week 2 all together at once!

Couldn't resist Cheese-z-ing it Up!

Ready to Rumble at Camp Pendleton Aug 24th

Say Cheese

Janelle Open Your Eyes Girlfriend!

Where is our 12th Player

Give me Back My Ball Bubbles

Guess He Is Not an Immoveable object

Bubbles Just Ate My Golf Ball