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Blue Team

Red Team

Thanks Shelly!

Go Red!

Thanks Jim!

Toni & Nancy

Diane & Sue

Wanda & Nancy

Megan, Sandi & Photo Bomber Capt Terri

Yes, I have my voodoo doll today!

Better Beware!

Peggy with her GPS Pin vs Watch!

Don't worry I'm here!

Can I get a little help please?

Partners in Blue!

Karen & Christie

Cindy & Teri

Looking Good Nancy & Dawn

Love the Bandanna Mickie!

We Are Ready To Rumble!

Luncheon Time - Some of our Finest FWG Ladies

MJ is Back New Hip New Hairdoo Very Cute

Luncheon Gathering at Palomares House

Sharing in the Fun

Lots of Red Here!

I'd Like to Place An Order Please!

Three Amigas

Good Wine Good Friends Good Times

Red Wins the Battle Again this Year!