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FWG Christmas Event 2014
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Thanks Shelly for making everything so festive!

Spreading some good cheer...oh I mean buying some!

How much good cheer will this $20 get me?

Santa hanging with some cute Reindeer!

Check out these Babes!

Another cute trio!

Some festive Fallbrook Women Golfers!

Just Hanging Out Waiting for the Fun to begin!

More festive ladies!

Our Club Champ Gives a Wave to all!

One Cute Elf!

Gotta Love the Hat!

And the sweater too!

First in line as we are starving!

Let the festivities begin!

Monty Python maybe?

No they are the real Babes in Toyland!

Lovin the backside too cute! Girls Gotta have fun!

The Winter Wonderland Gals!

Don't quit your day job just yet!

Just call her Q card Sue!

And then there were 12 Days of Fallbrook!

Pass some of that Birdie juice from Hole #1

Ugly Sweater Time!

Great Hat and Bow Tie!

Nate our official judge Couple of Winners here!