Weekly Sweeps Games
Last Updated: 01/04/19


ACE - Low Gross/Low Net.  All Winners will qualify for the Finale in December.  Winners for Red and Green Tees.

Baker’s Dozen - Score your 13 best holes, subtract 1/2 handicap.

Blind 9 Draw - Nine holes are randomly selected after play, subtract 1/2 handicap.

Double If - Throw out your two worst scores, subtract full handicap.

Easy Rider - Choose your easiest 9 holes before play, subtract 1/2 handicap.

Evens - Score only even numbered holes, subtract 1/2 handicap.

Field Shots - Keep record of putts and subtract them from your score to get number of field shots.

Individual Eclectic - Improve your score over two play days, hole by hole.  Low Gross/Low Net Winners for Red and Green Tees.

Lean on Par - Convert your 3 worst scores to gross par, subtract full handicap.

Pic Six - Before play, choose 3 holes on the front, 3 holes on the back, subtract 1/2 handicap.

Pre Pick Your Nine - Pick 9 holes before play, subtract 1/2 handicap.

Shorties - Red Tee - Count only holes  3, 4, 8, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17,  subtract 1/2 handicap.

Shorties - Green Tee - Count only holes 3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17 subtract 1/2 handicap.

Sob Sister - Convert to par 1 worst 3 par, 4 par and 5 par hole, subtract full handicap.

Sweetheart Eclectic - Improve your scores over two play days, hole by hole.  Low Gross/Low Net (Partners must play from same Tees) total score for both players.  If not available for both weeks, you may play just one week.

Sweet & Sour - Count 4 best holes on front and 4 best holes on back plus worst hole overall, subtract 1/2 handicap.

3-3-3 – Choose (3) the best Par 3’s, the best Par 4’s, the best Par 5’s, subtract 1/2 handicap.

Team Games - General Meeting Days

2 Best Balls of Foursome - Score combined total of two lowest net balls.  Strokes where they fall.

2 Best Balls Stableford format - Points awarded for net scores, 1 point bogey, 2 points par, 3 points birdie, 4 points eagle, 5 points double eagle.  Strokes where they fall.

2-3-1 – Count 2 best balls 1 thru 6, 3 best balls hole 7 thru 12, and 1 best ball holes 13-18 (net score).  Strokes where they fall.

Cha-Cha-Cha - Count 1 best ball on 1st hole, 2 best balls on 2nd hole, 3 best balls on 3rd hole, 4 best balls on 4th hole and repeat, 1 best ball on 5th hole, and so on (net score).    Strokes where they fall.

Easter Egg - Designated colored ball must be played, through the hole, successively by each player in the same order.  If the ball is lost, the group is disqualified.  Count the (net) score on only the hole played with the colored ball.

Fairway & Putts Game -  Tee Shot must land in the Fairway for 5 points, if not you start the hole with 3 points.  Once on the green every putt you subtract 1 point.  This continues for every hole.  Add all points for your team at the end and most points wins!

Fewest Putts - Count two scores of foursome with the least putts.  Only count putts (example Player 1 (3 putts) Player 2 (4 putts) Player 3 (1 putt) Player 4 (2 putts).  Score for hole - 3 (Player 3 and 4 combined)

Four Corners -  2 Best Net Balls of foursome except on holes 1, 9, 10 & 18, the four corners, count all four net score.  Strokes where they fall.

Here’s The Line Up - Before starting the round the lowest handicap player in the group will assign 4 different holes to each member and 2 holes will be unassigned.  The 2 best balls will be counted on each hole.  One will be the person assigned to the hole and then the other next best net ball.